For the communist party, fighting corruption is a matter of life and death, author Zhang Lijia told CNN’s anchor Kristie Lu Stout in “On China”, focusing on the crackdown on corruption by the current leadership. “They will catch a big tiger from each province. But again you guess, which tiger will get caught. The most corrupt one, or the most politically weak?”Read More →

Mooncakes and watches are just a few of the items you cannot give officials as a gift anymore, as Xi Jinping’s anti-corruption drive is gathering steam, in stead of losing it. But gift-giving is not disappearing, tells business analyst Shaun Rein in the Jing Daily, it is just changing.Read More →

President Xi Jinping’s anti-corruption drive has lasted longer than everybody expected, hurting high-profile drink manufacturer Moutai hard. The drink is unfortunately “synonymous with corruption and hedonism”, tells retail analyst Shaun Rein Reuters.Read More →

When the US financial authorities went after investment bank JPMorgan for hiring princelings in China – the sons and daughters of high officials – many in China scratched their heads. Hiring princelings was common practise, but is now reversing because of the changes in the banking business, WSJ’s Wei Gu discovers in a discussion Tjun Tang of the BCG.Read More →

GlaxoSmithKline found itself in the hot seat, after China’s authorities started an investigation into its bribery practices and one of its executives was broadcasted on central tv, confessing his crimes. But in some industries, including pharma, bribery is endemic, tells marketing analyst Ben Cavender at CNN.Read More →

China’s most famous liquor Moutai is the Ferrari among alcoholic drinks. But when austerity is high on the political agenda, that might actually create a lot of trouble, explains business analyst Shaun Rein to Reuters. Although they might be able to circumvent those measures.Read More →

Can you compare China’s human flesh searchers with Anonymous? Sociologist Tricia Wang discussed for Atlantic the background of China’s online warriors, looking for corrupt officials and other injustice. On 88 Bar Tricia’s Wang publishes part of the interview that was not yet published.Read More →

China’s government is trying to change its economy from export and investment oriented into a consumer nirvana. Unfortunately, writes retail analyst Paul French in Channel4, corruption and inflation hinder that policy greatly. What will the upcoming CCP-congress bring?Read More →