Anti-trust actions, anti-corruption drives and safety issues have made corporate life for foreign firms in China tougher than 10, 15 years ago. Whether they will actually leave China in larger numbers depends on how the costs of doing business develop, writes financial analyst Sara Hsu in the Diplomat.Read More →

Six years after introducing anti-trust legislation, China´s authorities have started to use those tools. Foreign firms fear they are targets, but business analyst Ben Cavender sees at CNBC another reason: the growing anxiety at the central government for the huge inequality in China´s incomes.Read More →

The China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC) has fined three Chinese law firms for their shoddy legal work in IPO´s. A positive development in trying to raise the standard of Chinese law firms, writes professor Paul Gillis at his China Accounting Blog. “It´s about time.”Read More →

China’s laws have not kept pace with its rapidly evolving retail sector. A major overhaul of consumer protection legislation is set to take effect on March 15, 2014. In short the Revision basically changes everything for consumers in China. As always, only time will tell as to how it is implemented but the intent is clear – consumers will be given greater protection, writes Mark Schaub, lawyer at King&Wood and Malleson.Read More →

Author Zhang Lijia researches her upcoming book in prostitution in China, and dives into the conservative mindset on wife-beating. In the South China Morning Post she tells about her meeting with Chen Guihua in Tianjin. She sees some bright spots for the future.Read More →

Mark Schaub a partner at King & Wood and Mallesons, the largest law firm in China and Australia combined. He is a prolific speaker who wastes no time in avoiding the real challenges in doing business in China.

As a lawyer he had extensive experience in negotiating deals, firing people and otherwise dealing with the ignorance of companies entering the Chinese business minefield. He travels from ShanghaiRead More →