Chinese consumers know that oil and sugar provide not a healthy diet, but they know that Western fast food brands in China at least keep a close eye on their production processes, unlike the Chinese competition. That is why they win, explains Shaun Rein in CNBC.Read More →

US-style doughnut shops are proliferating in China’s large cities, and that is bad news for their already deteriorating diet, tells retail analyst Paul French in the Washington Post, when they take of. French studied the obesity levels in the country in his book “Fat China”.Read More →

Paul French Obesity is rising in China and our speaker Paul French and co-author Matthew Crabbe wrote their new book Fat China: How Expanding Waistlines are Changing a Nation about the feature. In 1982 7 percent of the Chinese were overweight, in 2002 23 percent of urban China, 7 percentRead More →

Zhang Lijia        via Flickr Should we bother you with China and our speakers’ bureau in the sweltering heat of the summer, we were thinking at the global offices of the China Speakers Bureau. Well, here in Europe temperature dropped this week actually dramatically, so we decided toRead More →

Paul French        via Flickr Today saw the long anticipated book Fat China: How Expanding Waistlines are Changing a Nation (China in the 21st Century) by Paul French, on obesity in China. “An in-depth analysis of the growing problem of obesity in China and its relationship to the nation’sRead More →

Paul French is former Chief China Market Strategist at Mintel. As a China specialist he has been quoted in a wide variety of publications including the Financial Times, Newsweek, the Wall Street Journal Asia, the South China Morning Post and the LA Times. In 2012 he published the very popular book “Midnight in Peking.” The rights for a TV-show on the book have been sold He travels from Shanghai.Read More →