Lijia Zhang photograph by Philip McMaster_0233Zhang Lijia        via Flickr

Should we bother you with China and our speakers’ bureau in the sweltering heat of the summer, we were thinking at the global offices of the China Speakers Bureau. Well, here in Europe temperature dropped this week actually dramatically, so we decided to have a go with our newsletter for July 2010. The July edition will include announcements about the upcoming military build-up of China and the US and the possible confrontation between both powers that our military expert Wendell Minnick expects for the second half of this year.
Otherwise, many of the growing pains that go along with China’s economic development: Paul French’s new book Fat China on obesity, increasing complaints by foreign companies who are working in China and our star speaker Zhang Lijia, who is preparing for a book tour to celebrate the publication of her book in Portuguese. Do register here for the newsletter at the right-top corner here when you want to get our updates on a monthly basis.

Update: Our July newsletter is now available here. When you subscribe to our newsletter (right-top) do not forget to check your spam filter for the confirmation email.

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