After a one-year spurt of 50 percent, Chinese stocks fell this week suddenly. And there is more trouble to expect tells business analyst Shaun Rein in Money Control. The growth lacked fundamentals, he explains, and that explains the volatile state of the Chinese stock markets.Read More →

For decades both Chinese and foreign companies in China used to circumvent murky Chinese corporate legislation by setting up so-called VIE´s on outside tax heavens, while the government basically looked away. Those days seem to be over, writes accounting professor Paul Gillis on his webblog, and the question is: what´s next?Read More →

Alibaba shares have gone up since their massive IPO, but the situation is very volatile, says business analyst Shaun Rein, according to the Drum. The hedge funds are waiting for their chances, and they might come soon as the company releases its figures on Thursday.Read More →

Investments are flooding into China´s innovative industries. But investing in China is a completely different game from the traditional VC approach, tells William Bao Bean, Managing Director of Chinaccelerator, in VentureCon Japan, according to E27. China is providing more finance, and more competition.Read More →

China´s capital streams have been turning to the stock markets, even when the economy is slowing down. A major correction seems inevitable, tells Beida accounting professor Paul Gillis at VOA. And while China´s stock markets are used to rough times, for the many newcomers it might be a nasty awakening.Read More →

The Chinese Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC) will in 2015 drastically change the way how IPO´s take place in China. The government will step back, leaving decision making to the market. To facilitate that change, China needs an audit regulator, writes accounting professor Paul Gillis at his weblog.Read More →