Their annual results reveal that food suppliers booked high margins during COVID lockdowns. Pang Pang Xiang (China) Company Ltd was retained by the Shanghai government earlier this year to supply food, and citizens are now shocked by their profits. However, they won’t be able to continue, says Shanghai-based retail analyst Ben Cavender to Reuters.Read More →

The nomination of Li Qiang as the number two of China’s Communist Party was one of few surprises at the 20th CCP conference last week, says political analyst Victor Shih at CNN. Li Qiang, Shanghai’s party chief, was responsible for the city’s much-discussed two-month corona lock-down.Read More →

Political analyst Ian Johnson looks at the results of the now-closed meeting of the Chinese Communist Party. Technically Xi Jinping might be called China’s most powerful man, but that makes him also more vulnerable, and puts him on the firing line, writes Johnson on the Council of Foreign Relations.Read More →

One of the key reasons China could reach its current status, was because it has been reinventing itself continuously, says political analyst Ian Johnson to Aljazeera. But Johnson is not sure the country can do the same under Xi Jinping’s rule, he adds.Read More →