When the Zambians voted out their president last week, the election was also a referendum against China, writes journalist Howard French in The Atlantic. “Zambia has been at the leading edge of China’s drive to expand its relations with the continent.”Read More →

Howard French by Fantake via Flickr Most commentators have dismissed the so-called Jasmine revolution as an instant failure. Howard French argues in The Atlantic there is more to it than those easy analysis suggest. At the simplest level, it is hard to understand how a call to protest can beRead More →

Howard French by Fantake via Flickr While China was busy repatriating its citizens from Egypt, writes Howard French in The Atlantic, “nowhere have these stories attempted an honest explanation of why an evacuation was needed in the first place. To do so would require getting into some deeply messy topicsRead More →

Howard French via Wikipedia Former New York Times correspondent Howard French tells Radio Open Source extensively of how China is successfully building inroads into Africa, after the failure of the West. I was struck every time I got on a plane: the Westerners tend to be rich American tourists onRead More →

Howard French by Fantake via Flickr China has changed profoundly, since its first high-profile internet case, the police killing Sun Zhigang in 2003, till today’s opinion blogger Han Han, writes former New York Times correspondent Howard French in the Columbia Journalism Review. But not only its over 400 million onlineRead More →

Howard French is associate professor at Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism and former New York Times correspondent in Africa, Japan, and China. As correspondent for the New York Times, he was not only an alert observer of the society he was in, but was able to compare and connect between those worlds, much to the benefit of his audience. He travels from New York.Read More →