High-end cyber unites, attacks on Sony, threats with nuclear weapons. North-Korea has not been short of themes for Hollywood new movies, but Pyongyang watcher Paul French doubts whether Kim Jong-un likes recent movie releases, he writes for Reuters.Read More →

The disappearance of North Korea´s leader Kim Jong-un from public view, might not be as dramatic as some commentators have suggested, writes author Paul French of North Korea: State of Paranoia: A Modern History in a Reuters´blog. It might as well be a gentle power shift from one-man rule to the country´s elite, based on consensus.Read More →

A larger number of foreign companies have been accused of price-fixing. For all the wrong reasons, and based on little proof, argues author Paul French in Ethical Corporation. They include “Unilever, Qualcomm, Mercedes-Benz, Audi, Chrysler, Microsoft, BMW, Nike, a whole bunch of Japanese car parts manufacturers and quite a few other corporations”.Read More →

For those who have missed it: corruption is high on China´s hitlist for the past year, just ask executives at pharmaceutical companies. Author Paul French argues in Ethical Corporation the crackdown on foreign firms could have been expected, and will last.Read More →

Some of our speakers are also prolific authors. Just over the past weeks, two potential bestsellers got published, and we expect a few later this year. Now, policies of both speakers and their publishers might vary, but when you hire one of our speakers you might be eligible for a book deal.
Some of our speakers see books as a support act for their speaking activities, and might actually bring their books for free. Others can get their books for a decent discount from their publishers, or offer a discount themselves, since they see their book also as a good way to promote themselves.Read More →