BEIJING - AUGUST 08:  Basketball player Yao Mi...Getty Images via Daylife The Beijing Olympics have ended and with mixed feelings (some happy, some sad) China is returning to business again. The world’s media will be turning to Barack Obama, who will have his finest moment very soon in Denver and the Paralympics will not be noted by many as the world’s attention is no longer focusing on China.
A good moment to see how our speakers at the China Speakers Bureau have been performing in the global China-debate and I think they have been doing a pretty good job. Shaun Rein has been dominating the Olympic marketing debate already before Li Ning lightened the torch in Beijing. Shaun started the debate at Bloomberg in July and has not been away from the mainstream media since then.
Others have followed him. Tom Doctoroff reported from the Birdsnest both on the failed Olympic marketing, but also went deeper in exploring the changes in China’s soul in Adweek. Kaiser Kuo explained how the Beijing Olympics have changed the perception the outside world has of China and Chinese, especially as Chinese emotions appeared for a worldwide audience.
In this weblog we want to follow how our speakers are doing in the different China-debates. That debate will continue, even though the world’s media might turn now for a week their attention to Barack Obama in Denver.

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