Shaun Rein

The license China’s largest video hosting firm Tudou received today was paramount for getting seriously into the advertising business, Shaun Rein says today. After a two-month wait Tudou got its license from the regulatory body SARFT, two months after everybody else got their permission. Brand Republic Asia:

According to managing director China Market Research Group Shaun Rein, receiving a broadcast licence is imperative to any video site’s welfare because, without one, it would be impossible to attract advertising revenue, making survival in a sector that has not produced any profitable company even more challenging.
“Getting the licence from Sarft is key for Tudou to be able to sign deals with advertisers and solidifies their position along with Youkou as the online video site to beat,” he said. “It is difficult for marketers to launch ad advertising campaign with an online video site if it does not have the proper licensing because it runs the risk of getting shut down as was the case with”

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