KFCvia Wikipedia Former Vice President of Business Development for Greater China of Tricon Global Restaurants, KFC’s parent company (now known as YUM! Brands) and author of the new book ‘KFC in China: Secret Recipe for Success’ Warren Liu will hold a book presentation on Wednesday 17 September for the Foreign Correspondents Club in Shanghai.
He will discuss the company’s strategies in China, including its use of franchising and emphasis on localization (KFC has not only used pastiches of Chinese revolutionary posters in its advertising, but runs a campaign proclaiming that it’s ‘changing for China’), as well as its pioneering use of humour in its Chinese marketing – and will give an insight into how far the company’s previous experience in Taiwan was transferable to the mainland.
Introducing a major international brand into China is a high-risk business, especially when you’re selling a food – chicken – which is virtually the country’s national dish in the first place. But since its pioneering entry into the Chinese market, with a single store in Beijing’s Qianmen in 1987, KFC has grown at a startling pace to become the nation’s largest foreign fast-food chain. It currently has more than 2,200 branches in 450 Chinese cities, far outstripping its biggest rival, McDonald’s.

Venue details: 3/F, Sasha’s, 11 Dongping Lu, near Hengshan Lu(6474 6628)
Admission: Members free; Non-members 50 RMB RSVP: fcc.sfcc@gmail.com by Monday September 15th.

Warren Liu belongs to the key group of business educators focusing on China. He is represented by the China Speakers Bureau and if you are interested in developing China-focused case studies, do get in touch with one of our global offices to discuss your needs.

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