Howard French, highest newcomer

At the China Speakers Bureau we publish each month a top-10 of the most-sought speakers. In August we did the first one, but since we were online for only a short time, the results were a bit dodgy. This month we see huge shifts.
Number one, Shaun Rein, keeps his leading position, with a huge margin, but elsewhere there are surprising newcomers. Highest newcomer is former New York Times correspondent Howard French, who takes right away the second position.
I’m very pleased to have Amy Sommers new on the tenth position. What we did different with her is that Amy participated in our first still experimental set of podcasts, this time on the environment, and that produced a nice peak in the traffic to her profile after the podcast was published.
This week we have planned recordings with a few other speakers that fell out of the top-10 now, and I hope we see a trend here.
Then, our top-1o most sought speakers for September:

  1. Shaun Rein
  2. Howard French
  3. Zhang Lijia
  4. Tom Doctoroff
  5. Paul Denlinger
  6. Arthur Kroeber
  7. Jeremy Goldkorn
  8. Warren Liu
  9. Kaiser Kuo
  10. Amy Sommers

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