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Unlike popular believe China’s GDP depends only for ten percent on export, not 40 percent, says Arthur Kroeber, manager director of Beijing-based research firm Dragonomics, according to Sify. The limits the country’s exposure against failling export considerably.

China’s dependence on exports is not as heavy as may seem at first glance. Officially, exports account for 37 per cent of its revenues and seem to be the driver of the Chinese economy.
But independent surveys by Dragonomics, an advisory firm specializing in China, put its “true” export share at just under 10 per cent of its GDP.
It is internal investments, which account for 40 per cent of its GDP, that are the driving force of China’s economy. Although part of them is channeled into export-oriented projects, the global financial crunch will not slow China considerably.

Kroeber expects for that reason a “hard landing” of China’s economy rather unlikely.

Arthur Kroeber belongs to the China Speakers Bureau. Are you interested in his take on China’s economic development? Do get in touch.

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