Mark Schaub

For time reasons we have delayed the planned China Speakers Bureau podcast with Shanghai-based lawyer and author Mark Schaub on the labor contract law till next week. But we are right away discussing another no less equally important subject: Chinese investments abroad.
When you look at the news on this subject, Chinese companies seem to be on the same track of permanent disaster compared to the early foreign companies entering the China market. But it that image through? Are all Chinese investments overseas losing their value overnight? And what might be strategies to do this job better? Tune in next week.

Mark Schaub is a speaker at the China Speakers Bureau. At our service we have a range of speakers who deal with China’s international relations, both economic and political, with the US, Europe, India, Africa or Japan. When you are interested in having one of them as a guest at your event, do let us know.WilliamoverholtWilliam Overholt
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