Victor Shih, the highest newcomer

In the third monthly overview of the top-10 most-sought speaker for the China Speakers Bureau we see that the top is remarkable stable, compared to our listing in October. The other half has been replaced by other speakers, with newcomer Victor Shih – we enlisted him during this month – shows already up at the tenth position. A rather good achievement and shows that the interest in China’s financial industry and its role in the global financial crisis is on the rise.
Also, the requests for speakers we get – as far as we are able to discover a red line – we see that demand is certainly not down and there is more interest in speakers who can explain how China is keeping up during the global recession.
Over the past month we were not really able to keep up with our podcast and that might explain why some of the speakers dropped off the list. We only did one podcast with Amy Sommers, and she managed to hang on to her position on the list.Amy's photoAmy Sommers
by Fons1 via Flickr

Our listing for Novemberm between brackets the rank for October:

1. Shaun Rein (1)
2. William Bao Bean (2)
3. Arthur Kroeber (7)
4. Kaiser Kuo (5)
5. Howard French (-)
6. Paul French (-)
7. Amy Sommers (8)
8. Zhang Lijia (-)
9. Jeremy Goldkorn (-)
10. Victor Shih (-)

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