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China Ministry of Environmental Protection (MEP) approved last Friday also the PX-project that has moved from Xiamen to Zhangzhou after fierce protest from its citizens. Environmental lawyer Charles McElwee notes in his weblog interesting deals that are part of the final approval.

“The Xiamen government has now reached a consensus with Tenglong’s parent Xianglu Group to relocate the project. It has promised to pay compensation to Xianglu after the decision was approved by the central government.” Huh, why does Xiamen owe any compensation to Xianglu in this matter?
Its clear that Tenglong and its parent Xianglu feel confident enough (that means connected enough) to play hardball. That makes the accomplishments of the citizenry of Xiamen in forcing this move even more remarkable.

Charles McElwee is one of the leading voices at the China Speakers Bureau. If you are interested in having him, do get in touch.

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