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Indian reviewers of Zhang Lijia’s “Socialism is Great” react mildly shocked after the celebrity author visited their country, noting wryly that she is spending more time describing her advertures with her boyfriends than on politics. The Deccan Herald:

Zhang’s memoir, with its arc of resistance and personal struggle, at first feels familiar. But Zhang’s tale, written in fluent English peppered with dated Chinese idioms, begins where those older memoirs leave off. She devotes so much more attention to boyfriends than to politics that her relationship to politics, though crucial to the climax of the book, comes across as a casual flirtation.

Welcome to the new reality. After a diet with Jung Chang and Nien Cheng, breaking the old cliches might be a tough job for Zhang Lijia.

Zhang Lijia is an speaker at the China Speakers Bureau. When you are interested in having her at your meeting, do let us know.

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