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Shanghai might be better prepared to deal with its Worldexpo2010 compared to what happened with the Beijing Olympics, although Shaun Rein at CNBC is not without worries.
The city is pumping the equivalent of 45 billion US dollar into the city, but unlike Beijing, Shanghai is targeting the infrastructure, like subways, that will improve the city in the long run. Rein: “Shanghai is now spending more on its subway system than New York. It is moving very fast”.
Because of the global financial crisis, sponsorship from outside China is weak and the disappointing results for the Beijing Olympic sponsors have made it additional hard for Shanghai to get money in. The US might actually not even have a pavilion at the site.
The business community is also concerned that anti-terrorism measures might limit access to visas or might actually bring again the economy to a halt, like during the Beijing Olympics, hurting many financial interests.
More at CNBC.
Shaun Rein is a speakers at the China Speakers Bureau. When you need him at your conference or meeting, do let us know.

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