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Major changes this month in our line-up for the top-10 most-sought speakers in July 2010, actually half of them is new. Highest newcomer of this month is Warren Liu, author of the best-selling book “KFC in China: Secret Recipe for Success (Paperback)“, We only expected him to rise in our rankings by August or September, since we are almost done in releasing his new book, as a part of our publishing service. But you do not hear us complain, when the interest in our of our celebrity speakers goes up.
Warren Liu’s next book, “China Key Success Factors. Past and Future rules for succeeding in China” (ISBN 978-0-615-37306-5) analyses eight key industries and their strategy of entering China. Its World Expo Edition will be available in August, and of course we will announce the book here too.
Two other relative newcomers deserve attention here. With the World Cup 2010 in South Africa behind our belts, it is no wonder Rowan Simons, our own soccer specialist, rose in the ranks. Many mainstream media found him to explain, why China has not been making it to the world cup.
Back from a long-term absence is also Paul Denlinger, who has not been really away, but until a few months ago been working outside the publicity he was used to. Now Paul Denlinger is back, and how.
Kaiser Kuo is back on the top-position, and not surprisingly, since he landed earlier this month into an interesting job at Google‘s major competitor in China, Baidu.com, where he is now director international communication. Fortunately, he is also available for speeches.
Now, without further delay, the top-10 most-sought speakers list for July 2010 (June 2010 in brackets).

  1. Kaiser Kuo (6)
  2. Warren Liu (-)
  3. Shaun Rein (-)
  4. Arthur Kroeber (5)
  5. Paul French (7)
  6. Victor Shih (-)
  7. Rowan Simons (-)
  8. Rupert Hoogewerf or Hurun (3)
  9. Paul Denlinger (-)
  10. Tom Doctoroff (-)


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