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China’s companies have mostly been seen as intelligent copy-cats of their Western competitors at best, certainly no innovators. China’s largest search engine Baidu.com proves it can be a game-changer, says its director international communication Kaiser Kuo in an interview with Inventorspot.
Baidu opened up for third party application developers and is already getting one third of its revenue from that source. In its Box Computing Open Platforrm (BCOP) it offers a searchable application library.

“I think the idea of working with third party resource providers, whether it’s just structured data or actual applications, is something that other search engines will inevitably want to do.” Google, for instance “has already been providing some information directly in search results – things like weather – and I think it’s likely that other search engines will begin offering other resources directly on results pages as well,” notes Kuo.

As Americans have experienced stateside with Google, search engine algorithms are always evolving to anticipate the needs of searchers – and for Baidu “it’s a natural, logical outgrowth of our desire to connect people directly to what they’re looking for online – and for developers – to provide them (greater) opportunities for conversions,” asserts Kuo.

Much more in Inventorspot.

Kaiser Kuo is a speaker at the China Speakers Bureau. Do you need him at your meeting or conference? Do get in touch. Do you need more speakers on innovation in China? Do check here.

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