Bill Fischer

When you are looking for smart ideas in China, go to Beijing, rather than Shanghai or Guangzhou, writes IMD business professor Bill Fischer of technology management in the Business Times, exploring the strategy for idea hunting.

Interested in Web 2.0? Go to Silicon Valley. If you go anywhere else, you are reducing the likelihood of finding a good new idea. Why? Because people with Web 2.0 ideas congregate around Silicon Valley; so, there is a higher probability that you will discover a good new idea there, than, for example, Paris, or Milan, or even Shanghai.
Can’t leave China, and still interested in Web 2.0? My suggestion is to go to Beijing’s Zhongguancun district. There, you will be more likely to ‘bump into’ someone from Beida, Tsinghua, or the Chinese Academy of Sciences, or even alumni of Founder, Stone or Lenovo who will be interested in your ideas and might have ideas of their own, or know somebody who does.
You are less likely to find that sort of information in Shanghai or Guangzhou, and certainly not in smaller cities. Good idea hunters know this and they, like any ‘big-game’ hunter, go where the action is in order to enjoy the best chance of ‘hitting their targets’.

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Bill Fischer is a speaker at the China Speakers Bureau. When you need him at your meeting or conference, do get in touch.

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