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In an effort to resolve a high-profile spat with Chinese authors on piracy, the country’s leading search engine Baidu removed 2,8 million filles, told company spokesman Kaiser Kuo the BBC, hoping this action would create enough good faith.
More than 40 authors and publishers had accused Baidu that its literary platform, Baidu Wenku was greatly infringing on their copyrights by publishing without their permission. Negotiations about a deal fell flat last week.
The BBC:

“By Tuesday afternoon we had removed almost 2.8 million files, mainly from the Literary Works section of the site, which was the primary concern of the writers and publishers,” Baidu spokesperson Kaiser Kuo told the BBC..

“Now that we’ve scrubbed the site, we hope our good faith action will be a good, solid foundation for future co-operation,” Mr Kuo said.
“One thing that this whole episode has amply demonstrated is that Baidu Library is very powerful distribution platform that can be put to very good and profitable use by the authors and publishers in cooperation with Baidu, to the benefit of all parties, especially the readers,” he added.

Kaiser Kuo is a speaker at the China Speakers Bureau. When you need him at your meeting or conference, do get in touch.

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