Shaun Rein, our most-quoted and most-read speaker

Its all about economy, your speakers bureau, isn’t it, sighted a commentor past month, looking at our speakers and their stories. We cannot say economy and finance is not important, but do have a look at this month’s most popular stories: in fact only one of the top-5 stories is about economy.

Innovation, morality, education and the (lack of) happiness are clear trends this month too. Should we focus more on non-economic trends? Still it is China’s economic growth that keeps much of our business ticking.

Our second edition of the monthly most-read stories on our website, after the successful start of our sequel “most popular stories” last month.

  1. China’s innovation fueled by US education – Shaun Rein
  2. Changing China trends on innovation – Bill Fischer
  3. A nation of 1.4 billion cold hearts – Zhang Lijia
  4. China tied by debts and inflation – Shaun Rein
  5. Why the Chinese, and the Americans, do not feel they are winning – Janet Carmosky


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