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The financial crisis in both Europe and the US is deepening, so it is no wonder that the November top-10 of most sought-after speakers of the China Speakers Bureau has a few of our financial specialists on top. Both Shaun Rein and Victor Shih have been trying to dispel especially European hopes China could bail their economy out.

In Brussels and other European capitals Hu Jintao is wrongly seen as an uncle Scrooge, sitting on three trillion US dollar worth of capital, he can spend at will. As Victor Shih explains (we have added a video here), China has to be very prudent is spending its money abroad, since many wealthy Chinese take their assets abroad, leaving China with a huge debts. (And that is of course the popular subject of Rupert Hoogewerf or Hurun).

Otherwise, we see our female speakers gaining a larger presence: Janet Carmosky, Helen Wang and Zhang Lijia are in this month’ top-10. Do not forget Helen Wang will be speaking in December in London.

Wendell Minnick, our defense specialist, is also back in the top-10, as he had quite a number of high-profile scoops in Defense News.

For those who are on Google+. We have started an experiment with a business page of the China Speakers Bureau. You can put us in your circle.

Our November top-10 of most sought-after speakers (October in brackets).

  1. Shaun Rein (1)
  2. Victor Shih (8)
  3. Kaiser Kuo (10)
  4. Paul French (2)
  5. Rupert Hoogewerf (3)
  6. Wendell Minnick (-)
  7. Zhang Lijia (7)
  8. William Overholt (-)
  9. Helen Wang (-)
  10. Janet Carmosky (4)

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