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President Barack Obama is heading for a trade war with China, to divert from his domestic problems. Does the tune sound familiar? Business analyst Shaun Rein dives in his column at CNBC into the Chinese sentiments who blame Obama to develop a contingency policy against China.

Shaun Rein:

A rising chorus in China also thinks America is determined to keep China down, so they are pushing the government to respond forcefully. Obama runs the risk of precipitating a trade war or worse as a response.

A politically influential person from Beijing told me, “Obama’s actions demonstrate he is trying to divert attention away from his inability to jumpstart job growth.” He continued to say, “Aside from pandering for votes, Obama is trying to contain China’s rise. We need to stand up to America. Military action is the last resort but we need to show we are strong and won’t be pushed around anymore.”

The state-owned China Daily ran a similar line underscoring China’s unease with American intentions. Tao Wenzhao, a professor of China-U.S. relations at Beijing’s Tsinghua University, wrote of Obama’s recent moves, “Such a move by Washington is to contain a fast-growing China and to maintain its ebbing dominance in the region.”  …

A trade war or worse won’t benefit China or the U.S. In order for America to get out of a recession and ensure global stability, economic not military engagement with China is the answer. Cooler heads need to prevail on both sides of the Pacific Ocean.

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