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‘Precious snowflakes’ are they called, the second generation of overly spoiled Chinese children, tells Paul French in The Telegraph. And even more than their predecessors, the little emperors, they have a hard time in dealing with reality.

The Telegraph:

“They are ‘Precious Snowflakes’, wrapped in cotton wool from day one,” said Paul French, the founder of Access Asia, a China-based research company.

“Nothing is ever quite right for them. It is always either too hot or too cold and they are all hypochondriacs. They get immediately stressed out if they ever have to lift a finger,” he said.

In a world of smog, toxic food and unsure medical care, middle-class Chinese parents are spending ever-larger sums of money to insulate their children from harm.

“The first generation, the Little Emperors, were quite tough: fat little thugs always stuffing themselves full of McDonald’s,” said Mr French. “The new generation is very concerned with things like air quality, which the Little Emperors never bothered about.

“They only drink Evian and are scared of food unless it is imported. Their parents tread quietly around them so they can do ‘natural waking’, where they do not use alarm clocks but are in tune with their biorhythms.”

More in The Telegraph, with live examples

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