China’s leading search engine Baidu now includes Tencent‘s microblogs in its search results, tells Baidu’s communication director Kaiser Kuo on its weblog Baidu Beat. Search and social media get one step closer in China.

Kaiser Kuo:

This strategic partnership marks the latest effort in an ongoing attempt to streamline users’ internet experience by concentrating online resources on fewer platforms. With a Tencent Weibo feature embedded in the homepage – as shown below – users can directly receive real-time microblog news and post updates…

Since Baidu released its new homepage in September 2011, it has steadily sought out ways to socialize search, enhancing the search portal with user account information, intelligent recommendations, and quick links to popular sites. Baidu and Tencent believe that joining forces in this way strengthens the services of both companies, allowing information to flow more freely across the two platforms and improving the user experience of millions.

From the time that we launched the new homepage, Sina Weibo was already supported, as were the popular SNSs, Renren and Kaixin001.

More on Baidu Beat.

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Kaiser Kuo, speaking on China’s internet, at Storify.

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