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Your espresso and your hamburger will become more expensive. Those are two of the ten changes the end of cheap China means for you, author Shaun Rein spells out in Forbes. Those changes “are threatening the easy availability of the low-priced goods that have fueled Americans’ consumption-led lifestyle.”

Shaun Rein:

Much about America’s prosperity over the last three decades has been closely linked with the willingness of millions of Chinese workers to toil away in factories making products that Americans love, like Apple iPads, Gap khaki pants, and Nike Air Jordans. Chinese make products we don’t love as much, too, like Donald Trump’s line of ties. They endure long hours, low salaries, and subhuman work conditions in factories thousands of miles away from their families, turning out products cheap enough for American consumers to buy by the millions.

Today that is all changing, as I explore in my new book, The End of Cheap China: Economic and Cultural Trends that will Disrupt the World. Chinese people are becoming less and less willing to sacrifice their family lives and career goals.

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