Tom Doctoroff

Why the Chinese will not become like the Americans, explains China advertising expert Tom Doctoroff in his latest book “What Chinese Want: Culture, Communism and China’s Modern Consumer“. The Atlantic summerizes one of his key viewpoints.

Yet these American icons, while adored, are rarely emulated. Few Chinese end up challenging the system. Tattoos are discreetly placed on the ankle or shoulder. Dye jobs are never over the top, with colors ranging from red to blond and sometimes Japan-cool gray. Women who flaunt their sexuality, in dress or attitude, are rarely taken home to Mom and Dad. Even the most opinionated employees rarely muster enough courage to overtly challenge the boss. American individualism is, in short, forbidden fruit, dangerously tempting. The Chinese remain intoxicated by the allure of genuine American self-expression but frustrated by its ultimate impossibility in their lives. As a result, attitudes toward the country, and its character, are mixed.

More in The Atlantic.

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