Getting your branding right in China remains a challenge. Consumers react different from those in your home markets. Their media consumption is different, and their online tools – where most Western ones are blocked – are very different indeed.

At the China Speakers Bureau, we can help you in developing the right strategy, by offering leading experts on branding in China. Here we offer four or them, but we have more to offer.Read More →

Selling your products to Chinese consumers has not become easier over the years, even now a larger part of them has more to spend. Fierce competition, limited access to the internet, strict government regulations and very different consumer taste are just a few of the barriers for foreign companies to succeed in China.

At the China Speakers Bureau, we can offer you a range of experts able to help you take those barriers. Are you interested in having one of them? Do get in touch, so we can help you to identify the right expert for dealing with your problem.Read More →

If at any place the switch from brick-and-mortar is going fast, it is China. Permanent online consumers comment, exchange information, and buy 24/7. When you sit down in a restaurant, you first ask the code for the free wifi, before the menu. When you travel abroad, you constantly discuss with friends and family back how, what to buy, or what not to buy.Read More →

China is proud about its millennia old culture, but just like the rest of society, its culture is also changing very fast. Old concepts like guanxi, losing face and the suppressed position of women are not what they were even a few decades ago. Many so-called China experts still cling to those old idea, but fortunately, we can offer a range of speakers at the China Speakers Bureau who have a clear view on how China´s culture is changing.Read More →

The top-5 most-read stories for August 2012. And the background of our Weekly China Hangout, starting in September. The start of a TV show with China debates.Read More →

Compared to the exciting times in China in May, June has been more back to basics in terms of news. Or is it a sign summer holidays are nearing? China does not honor the concept of a summer holiday, but traditionally we do see a drop in traffic during the summer, allowing us to have a break too.Read More →

Why the Chinese will not become like the Americans, explains China advertising expert Tom Doctoroff in his latest book “What Chinese Want: Culture, Communism and China’s Modern Consumer”. The Atlantic summerizes one of his key viewpoints.Read More →

We noted already in April the storm of news coming over us, May has not been different. The fall out of the Bo Xilai case, a anti-foreigner drive in Beijing, bringing CCTV anchor Yang Rui in the limelight. And two of our speakers, Shaun Rein and Tom Doctoroff are in the middle of the promotion campaign of what promises to be two bestsellers on China.Read More →

April had no shortage of news, and fortunately, our monthly top-5 of most-read stories at the China Speakers Bureau mirror those current affairs very well. Not only Bo Xilai made it into our top-5, but also Zhang Lijia’s appeal to repeal the death penalty for business women Wu YingRead More →

Our second installment on the top-5 most-read stories for November 2011 show certainly the power of search engines in retrieving stories. Some of the recent stories by Wendell Minnick and Shaun Rein do pretty well, but we see also much interest in stories that are older.Read More →

One of the mantra’s in our communication with our speakers is: make yourself heard. So we push them to write on weblogs, mainstream media and some of the many social media: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and the upcoming force: Google+. Read More →