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London Wheel – London (Photo credit: @Doug88888)

Today we got a kind invitation from Reverend Michael Silver , presiding Minister of the Emanuel Evangelical Church,London, United Kingdom, to provide a speaker. It proved to be a scam.

We had a few years earlier already a fake request, coming from a famous London-based university, and this seems to be one in the same league.

According to a small online check, this scam is already going around for a few years, and unfortunately, some speakers, even some experienced ones, invested quite some money, as they believed wrongly this was a legitimate request.

Reason enough to post this as a warning: when you are not represented by a solid speakers’ agency, do not take any request at face value, but do some decent research. And never pay any money yourself: that is not our business model.

Update:Yet another victim of this scam. Patrick Schwerdtfeger reports extensively at his weblog about the Reverend Michael Silver.

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