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“Mercifully, The End Of Cheap China is not another academic tome about the most miraculous economic transformation of our times,” writes Andy Mukherjee in a review in the Strait Times about Shaun Rein’s The End of Cheap China: Economic and Cultural Trends that Will Disrupt the World.

The Strait Times:

These flaws, however, do not detract from the meatier parts of the book that deal with the Chinese consumer.

It is in these sections, and in the end-of-chapter case studies, that Rein plays to his strengths as a market research guru whom Fortune 500 companies consult and large institutional investors rely on for insights into the minds of 1.3 billion Chinese people.

Those insights also make the book a lively read. Did you know that Kentucky Fried Chicken is considered ‘healthy’ in China? It seems Chinese families are so scared of adulterated foodstuff – like pink-dyed shrimp – that they would rather place their trust in Colonel Sanders‘ deep-fried chickens.

That doesn’t mean Western brands have a free pass in China. From conversations with executives who run the dairy section at supermarkets, the author gathers that well-heeled consumers prefer local Mengniu yoghurt to Danone. A ‘truly good Chinese brand’, like Haier in air-conditioning, enjoys superior trust, Rein argues.

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