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China’s MIIT, the ministry of industry and information technology, prepares new legislation on apps for mobiles, aimed at protecting the end users. The new regulations will force this new industry into maturity rather than censor it, tells industry analyst Ben Cavender in ZDNet. 


Commenting on the proposed regulations, Ben Cavender, associate principal at China Market Research, said these were unlikely to slow down China’s mobile industry. Rather, the regulations will help “force” the market to mature and become more transparent.

“Consumers will still have access to new phones and new technology and, if anything, [these devices] will be more secure in downloading or purchasing applications so users do not have to worry about data security or unwanted charges,” Cavender said.

It would also compel phonemakers to build a strong app ecosystem that puts security at the forefront, which means not approving apps that make use of consumers’ personal information without first letting them know. This, he added, is a good thing for potential buyers.

That said, while the new regulations will not increase their time-to-market, handset manufacturers may experience reduced margins to some extent if they have to give up bundling software that they or their software partners have found lucrative in the past, the CMR analyst noted.

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