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A domestic media campaign against the customer service of Apple has been followed by government investigations, by the SAIC, tells business analyst Ben Cavender IDG News. “A bit of sensationalism,” he says.

IDG News:

News of the SAIC’s actions were reported by local Chinese publications, with headlines stating that Apple’s “tyrannical” customer service conditions would be investigated. But despite the criticism, the complaints of Apple’s customer service in China have been “overblown,” said Ben Cavender, an analyst with China Market Research Group.

“For the most part, consumers aren’t really being put off too much by Apple in terms of customer service,” he said. “But if the government investigations do get more press, it could impact them (Apple) more negatively.”

Chinese media also regularly calls out foreign companies on alleged problems with their products or services, Cavender added. Others such as McDonalds, Carrefour have also been targeted in the past.

“Partially it’s justified. These brands have had problems. But I think there’s a bit of sensationalism,” he said.

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Coming to terms with governments is not only tough in China. China’s telecom giant Huawei found itself in hot water in the US, after Congress filed a report about the company. The China Weekly Hangout discussed the issue in October 2012 with David Wolf, author of Making the Connection, a book about China’s telecom giant Huawei, and Andrew Hupert, specialist in international conflict resolution. Moderation by Fons Tuinstra, president of the China Speakers Bureau

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