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Apple got itself into trouble with the government last month, but a bigger fight is looming, says business analyst Ben Cavender in Quartz. First, the Chinese government has noted Apple iTunes does not comply with its censorship regime. And convincing Chinese consumers they have to pay for content might even be a larger barrier for business.


But there is little chance that anything related to Apple’s businesses in China—its second-largest market after the United States—will stay under the radar now.

“It’s almost like a glitch in the Matrix … they’ve sort of used up their luck in terms of not being noticed,” said Ben Cavender, associate principal at China Market Research Group in Shanghai. “I wouldn’t be surprised if Apple comes under much more pressure to conform and toe the line in terms of censorship and getting approval from the government for what’s in their store.”

However, a bit more censorship in China might not be disastrous for Apple, provided it can navigate the treacherous PR and government relations challenges like those it encountered this week. A far bigger hurdle will be getting Chinese consumers to actually pay for apps, music, and video.

“The biggest problem is getting people to pay for content. A lot of people are jailbreaking their phones and getting copycat programs, or popular games with their features stripped out,” he said.

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