WechatfonsThe China Speakers Bureau has over the past five years mostly focused on international clients, with a focus on often China-based but equally international speakers, mostly focusing on the China debate among an international audience. But China is changing fast, and coming months we are going to explore if the China market is ready for us.

Getting a match between potential Chinese speakers and our international clients has been an existing challenge. Yes, we had our weekly Jack-Ma moment as we got many requests for the Alibaba chairman. One of our challenges: our international audience does not know many Chinese speakers beyond Jack Ma, and Jack Ma was not really interested. Many Chinese speakers do focus on a domestic audience.

Can we make a better match? We are not sure yet, but certainly are going to try.

Getting a new and better QR is a minor adjustment, to offer better access to China-based internet users, where we mostly focused on possibly blocked websites, Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook to spread our content. But do expect more announcements in the weeks to come.

If you want to follow our activities in China closer, do include us in your WeChat operation.

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