Shaun Rein
Shaun Rein

President Xi Jinping might have refused to provide a name for the unborn child of Facebook´s Mark Zuckerberg, it does not seem that his company is fully excluded from a return to China. Business analyst Shaun Rein explains what such a move might need in AsiaOne.


The biggest challenge for Facebook, if it does return to China, is that the social media landscape has changed vastly since 2009, leaving little room even for such a big player. So, unseating, say, the wildly popular WeChat would be a daunting task, experts say.

Mr Shaun Rein, founder of Shanghai-based China Market Research Group, suggested that it could partner a Chinese tech giant like Alibaba or Baidu as they “have the trust of the government and know how to navigate the bureaucracy”.

Letting Facebook return is also good for China, experts say. It can introduce competition, help Chinese companies expand abroad and cultivate a start-up culture among entrepreneurs.

“China worries about social instability, but this also hurts its policy to drive growth through the Internet,” Mr Rein said. “That is something they need to seriously think about.”

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