Should we link to firewalled content or not, we asked last week. At the China Speakers Bureau we have a policy of not linking to content behind any kind of firewall, financial or otherwise, because that would create a barrier for our readers and potential clients. But from the reactions we learned tot not all of you support that policy. It does mean we miss out good content, for example from the Financial Times, and a part of the Wall Street Journal. But many more media try to survive by – what we see as outdated – subscription models to support journalism. On a monthly basis we run easily into a hundred or more firewalls.

So, we come back to you to ask what you prefer. Apart from casting your vote in this poll, you can also add your comments here or on our social media channels. At this stage, we stick to our guns, and prefer not to link to firewalled content. Blocking access to information is not a trend we prefer to support. The collateral damage of that policy is limited at this stage, and in the long run we do not see those firewalls for most media survive.

But, do let us know what you think, by voting of leaving comments.

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