Shaun Rein
Shaun Rein

Unlike most observers and diplomatic professionals, strategy analyst Shaun Rein sees president-elect´s Trump´s call to Taiwan as a brilliant move, with only a little downside, he writes in CNN. By getting this leverage, he proves to move smarter than president Obama, writes Rein.

Shaun Rein:

The reality is that Trump’s move to speak on the phone with President Tsai is brilliant and has little downside.
With a simple 10-minute phone call, rather than selling billions of arms to Taiwan, Trump shows American strength in the Asia-Pacific region and may well actually making the region safer.
Unlike President Barack Obama and his Asia pivot policy, which the Chinese have generally ignored — as evidenced by their continued reclamation of land in the South China Sea — they are now going to pause and rethink all of their strategies to take Trump seriously.
Nothing is more sacred to Beijing than one-party rule and sovereignty over land and ocean that China considers its own. Everything else is open to negotiation.
Trump has not said that he doesn’t acknowledge the One-China policy, nor is he the actual president yet.
By having a call now before he is sworn in, he will have additional leverage to negotiate with China on more core American interests than the matter of Taiwan – for instance, open shipping lanes in the South China Sea, reduced cybersecurity risks emanating from China, and less protectionism and unfair competition for American business interests in China.

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