Arthur Kroeber

Donald Trump is still rolling up his sleeves, while many analysts are still wondering who might be better equipped for a shake-out between China and the US. For now, leading economist Arthur Kroeber puts his bets on on China, he tells CNBC.


While China will suffer from a trade war with the United States, some experts say the Asian giant has more resilience than the U.S.

The “Chinese government has plenty of financial resources to step in,” said Arthur Kroeber, founding partner of Hong Kong-based financial services and research firm Gavekal Dragonomics.

“I think the Chinese government has looked at this and is prepared to act,” Kroeber said, speaking by phone from Beijing….

“There’s an array of things China could do that are not trade related that would enable them to persuade in a personal way,” Kroeber said, adding that Beijing could also make China a tougher business environment for U.S. companies operating there.

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