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While much of the book publishers try to get their act together now readers go online, China boast even a top ten of literature writers, earning more than US$150 million each. Chief researcher Rupert Hoogewerf explains to Global Times why the Harry Potter franchise did so well, also in China.

Global Times:

On Wednesday (last week), the Hurun Research Institute and domestic IP management agency Mopian released the Mopian Hurun Most Valuable Creative Works IP 2017 list, which lists the top 100 most valuable literature IPs in China after 1998.

Fights Breaks Sphere written by 27-year-old author Tiancan Tudou ranked first on the list. Other well-known works that have been adapted into other mediums such as TV shows or movies in recent years, including Nirvana in Fire, Fighter of the Destiny and Grave Robbers‘ Chronicles also made it into the top 10. In the Name of People, a novel that was recently adapted into the hit anti-graft TV show of the same name, came in at 21.

According to Hoogewerf, the ranks of the works on the list were determined by looking at data such as online viewership, number of fans and the number of times a work has been recommended on literature platforms, followed by a second round of assessment during which the Hurun Research Institute and veteran literature editors gave these additional points based on their social influence and literary value…

Talking about China’s IP market, Hoogewerf mentioned the Harry Potter franchise, one of the highest-earning IPs in not just his home country but around the world.

“The Harry Potter franchise and the huge industry behind it had a great impact on the British economy,” he said.

“And for me, it’s a meaningful thing to participate in China’s IP industry,” Hoogewerf  said, mentioning that he hoped the list will help improve the confidence of people who are considering entering the IP industry.

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