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When Baidu CEO Robin Li was arrested by Beijing police for sitting in a self-driving car, it was obvious the country needs an update of its traffic laws, just like the US, Australia and several European countries did have. Shanghai-based lawyer Mark Schaub gives at his firm’s website an overview of what is needed to support the development of self-driving cars, including testing on public roads and setting standards.

Mark Schaub:

Automated driving road testing is key step to move automated driving vehicles from the theoreticals of the lab to the realities of the market. A number of jurisdictions are taking the lead in this regard. Although, China has made great advances in constructing closed test sites it has not kept pace with others in respect of regulatory rules or guidelines on road testing.

China may wish to consider the approaches of other jurisdictions when formulating China’s automated driving test regulations in order to lay a good foundation to enable China to become a global leader in development of automated driving vehicles.

More at China Law Insight.

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