The holiday mood has already been kicking in at the China Speakers Bureau, and just-in-time we can wish our following the best seasonal wishes. While we keep an eye on our mailbox during those holidays, response time might slow down, while we try to have a good time. We hope you will also have time to enjoy the upcoming slow-down and get-together time.

Chinese New Year, the Year of the Dog, is now relatively late in the year, meaning that the period between New Year in the rest of the world and CNY is pretty long, and there might be a few weeks in between when it looks like we are back into business. That might just be an illusion.

Business as usual resumed at the end of February. Most New Year’s party outside China will take place in the first weeks of January, while China’s festivities start early February. Enjoy.

You can always get in touch for urgent issues. Email might be most convenient.

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