Matthew Brennan

Tencent’s WeChat started early 2017 their mini programs, a solution away from full blown apps, or building a platform, to help brands on their service. WeChat expert Matthew Brennan explains at the JingDaily how why the mini programs took off successfully after a slow start.


In early January 2017, with much fanfare, WeChat officially launched its Mini Program platform. While the market questioned their necessity at first, they started gaining momentum in the second half of the year. Confident in the future of Mini Programs, Matthew Brennan, WeChat expert and founder of China Channel, explained, “Mini Programs are finally starting to deliver on the hype, and the mission is ‘let’s kill Taobao’.”

He went on, “The Mini Program framework is starting to supercharge WeChat ecommerce by taking away all friction and making the entire buying experience virtually the same as Tmall. What’s more, brands can control the experience and they are not ranked next to their competitors.”

In the past, brands entering China either had the option of building their own ecommerce platform or opening a store on a third-party ecommerce platform such as Taobao or However, neither option was ideal.

More at the JingDaily.

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