Mark Schaub

Globally cosmetic companies have been phasing out animal testing, but in China authorities sometimes still require those tests. Lawyer  Mark Schaub looks at the dilemmas for international cosmetics, who face different requirements, and potential damage to their brand, at the China Law Insight.

Mark Schaub:

There is a clear trend in China away from animal testing. This is due mainly to changing sentiment on the part of Chinese consumers. Local authorities across China are developing cruelty-free programs to entice international brands into China.

However, the system in China tends to allow authorities broad discretions. Accordingly, those awaiting a clear legal prohibition across the whole country may be waiting a long time.

However, brands torn between revenue and conscience may consider whether cross border e-commerce or producing locally are possible solutions. Any brand with great ambitions for China will likely need to pursue domestic production. In addition, domestic production may allow brands to tweak products for Chinese consumer trends. The risk in this regard is that product localization may not receive a warm welcome from Chinese consumers. Many still have great enthusiasm for imported cosmetics. This is especially the case in respect of luxury or organic cosmetics brands.

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