The situation in both Europe and the US is still very unreal. The fallout of the coronavirus is stabilizing in Europe at best, while the US is still preparing or the worst. But meanwhile, we are getting already a few requests for speakers from Asia for events after the summer.

Of course, the rest of the world is also slowly thinking about how the world will look like post-corona. We are pleasantly surprised Asia is already a step ahead. We still have to see how realistic those plans are for meetings with 1000+ people, who have to fly in from the rest of the world while renowned airlines have grounded their fleets and struggling to survive.

We can only encourage others to follow that lead and restart planning their events and conference. At the China Speakers Bureau, we have already clustered some of our speakers as experts on the post-corona period and – some might still vaguely remember that issue – on the trade war between China and the US. We assume online meetings will also become more popular, but still have to get the first assignments on virtual get-togethers.

We are also interested in hearing your experiences in reviving the event industry. When you want to talk to us, do drop a line. We are available on Zoom, WeChat, Hangouts, Facebook, Twitter and a few platforms we might have forgotten.


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