Li-Ning and Anta, two Chinese shoe sport manufacturers, took a nationalistic twist in their marketing after the US National Basketball Association (NBA) and the Houston Rockets triggered off criticism from China’s government. Marketing expert Tom Doctoroff comments on the slippery slope of nationalism in China marketing for Al Jazeera.Read More →

Soccer has been catching most headlines in trying to conquer China. But the long term strategy to root baseball into the country might offer more chances for success, writes Beida business professor Jeffrey Towson at his weblog. “Major League Baseball (MLB) Is Copying the NBA in China – And It Might Work.”Read More →

Rowan Simons by Fantake via Flickr The NBA has become a tremendous success in China, both in popularity and as a money machines. Unlike soccer, tells Rowan Simons CNN, a leading expert on soccer in China, who points at corruption scandals as the main reason. In CNN: Earlier this yearRead More →