The anti-corruption campaign has hit China´s financial industry midships, and is now in the process of derailing the announced reforms, warns financial analyst Sara Hsu in the Diplomat, despite China´s inclusion into the IMF currency basket and the lifting of the deposit interest rate ceiling.Read More →

Guanxi, your informal network of friends and allies, might never be far away in China. But when it comes to the auditors of your firm, guanxi can get tricky. Accounting professor Paul Gillis reviews on his weblog a recent academic paper about this touchy issue.Read More →

Major securities firms are next in the anti-corruption drive by the central government. Paul Gillis, accounting professor at Peking University, cautiously welcomes last week´s moves, going beyond the initial hunt for culprits of this year´s market slump, he tells Bloomberg.Read More →

China´s much needed anti-corruption drive has now put the country into a lock-down mode, and new projects have halted, tells business analyst Shaun Rein at CNBC. The cut in the reserve ratio ratio (RRR) this weekend is one way for a kickstart, although nobody know what will really work.Read More →

US tech giant Apple has taken over the number one position as most popular gift from designer good maker Hermes, according the the newest Hurun luxury report. Travel is the main driving force, says Hurun founder Rupert Hoogewerf as Chinese buy 7 out of 10 luxury products overseas, according to Reuters.Read More →

President Xi Jinping anti-corruption drive has opened a new front as land sales by local governments are surveyed by the central government, notes financial analyst Sara Hsu in TripleCrisis, and she applauds the move. Much of the social unrest in the past years has been caused by those transaction, where citizens often lost from greedy officials.Read More →

In July 2014 China banned government officials and SOE-executives from joining high-fee business schools to avoid colluding between officials and private entrepreneurs. WSJ wealth editor Wei Gu assesses the damage for the schools with Robert Yu of GMAC (in charge of GMAT) and discusses how business school can adjust their strategy.Read More →