Shaun Rein by Fantake via Flickr Shaun Rein uses the lessons business can learn from the mixed messages the government is sending on porn and sex. On the internet it is porn crackdown all along the line, while sex and prostitution are everywhere commercially available.The lesson is so obvious, manyRead More →

Shaun Rein     by Fantake via Flickr Bot real estate prices and A-shares in China keep on getting investors attention, but as the country prepares for stress tests of their banks, Shaun Rein expects the government will be able to channel fears about the debts of central and localRead More →

Shaun Rein Fantake via Flickr Shaun Rein addresses, after the country got wrongly accused last Friday of blocking all of Google’s services, the China blame game many Western media play at this clip in CNBC.In the debate Rein gets actually told he acts like an apologist for China, but rebuts thisRead More →

Shaun Rein by Fantake via Flickr Saving tops no longer the agenda of China’s consumers as new generations kick in and see their disposable income grow, tells Shaun Rein Chinese media “We interviewed 5,000 people under the age of 32 across China. They have an effective savings rate of zero,”Read More →

Image via Wikipedia China’s central government is walking on a thin line when it defends itself against recent foreign accusations of protectionism against those foreign firms, tells Shaun Rein in Asia One. Senior executives of foreign firm, including Siemens, Google, General Electric and BASF have taken the lead in criticizing China’sRead More →

Shaun Rein    by Fantake via Flickr While mostly optimistic about China’s economic future, Shaun Rein warns in Forbes against too lighthearted investments in China’s companies, even when they are listed in the US. Why? First, Chinese company stock prices remain very volatile, because of hedge funds. There are onlyRead More →

Shaun Rein     by Fantake via Flickr Shaun Rein, managing director of the market research group CMR, might be in general optimistic about China’s economic development, at CNBC he cautions against too many bears on the road for China’s Agricultural Bank, also called AgBank or ABC. The bank performedRead More →

Shaun Rein by Fantake via Flickr Increasing labor costs and price rises for food, oil and other minerals might push up the inflation and this needs the government urgent attention, says Shaun Rein on Bloomberg TV today. While Rein sees some bears on the road to economic recovery in the shortRead More →

Shaun Rein is the Managing Director of the China Market Research Group, the world’s leading strategic market intelligence firm focused on China. He is one of the world’s recognized thought leaders on strategy consulting in China. In 2012 he published the bestseller “The End of Cheap China.” He travels from Shanghai.Read More →