Since tech innovator William Bao Bean has joined early 2015 the ChinaAccelerator, a global venture accelerator in Shanghai, a stream of exciting events has developed. In Technode he explains why China is now the place to be for technological innovation.

Since William Bao Bean took on a new role as managing director of ChinaAccelerator early 2015, he also stepped into the limelight in a rather public role, compared to his earlier VC-activities. And people have noticed that change, as the demand for William as a speaker has spiked over the past few months.

Investments are flooding into China´s innovative industries. But investing in China is a completely different game from the traditional VC approach, tells William Bao Bean, Managing Director of Chinaccelerator, in VentureCon Japan, according to E27. China is providing more finance, and more competition.

VC William Bao Bean started as managing director of ChinaAccelerator, one of China´s most active breeding place for startups. ChinaAccelerator offers an international bridge for those mostly overlooked starting, smaller tech firms, he tells TechinAsia.

William Bao Bean has joined SOS Ventures as an Investment Partner, Asia and takes over as Managing Director of Chinaccelerator, the first and longest running startup accelerator program in China based out of Shanghai and run by SOS Ventures.

Is China lagging in innovation or a force of change? For investor William Bao Bean the answer is positive, especially on mobile. In the Rensselaer in China he explains why mobile and innovation are a golden opportunity.

China has put innovation high on its political agenda and the Suzhou Industrial Park (SIP) has drawn thousands of start-ups. But that makes it not yet a Silicon Valley, warns venture capitalist William Bao Bean with Singtel Innov8 in Marketplace.

The fairy tales of sky-high valuations for China internet companies at exchanges in the US seem over, yet again. Financial analyst and VC William Bao Bean expects a return to realistic valuations, in a soft landing, he tells The Australian.

Companies have started to invest heavily in social media, including mobile application. But the results are often disappointing, tells William Bao Bean in this presentation on ROI on social media. Understanding your customers, and their differences, is more important than getting tools in place.